Trump and Iohannis review Black Sea gas, nuclear energy stressed as of major importance for US


US Administration issued a joint statement of the president of the United States, Donald Trump and president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, which reiterates the importance of Black Sea gas exploitation, as well as the nuclear project in Cernavoda. It is, practically, for the first time in decades that the US shows interest for the Romanian ”civil nuclear energy” project at Cernavoda.

According to the statement, the Black Sea ”is of strategic importance for transatlantic security”.

”The United States and Romania recognize that energy security is national security. We underscore our opposition to Nord Stream 2 and other projects that make our Allies and partners dependent on energy from Russia”, the joint statement reveals.

”Natural gas resources in Romania have the potential to increase the prosperity of our nations and to enhance Europe’s energy security. The United States and Romania will consider how best to improve the energy investment climate in Romania in ways that benefit both countries. We further urge our industries to work closely together to support Romania’s civil nuclear energy goals”, it adds on.

Currently, the Cernavoda project that has in mind building of two new reactors is under negotiations with the Chinese firm China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN).


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