Transgaz will invest 839 million lei in 2021


Bogdan Tudorache

Transgaz plans to invest about 838.6 million lei for 2021, according to the energy market regulatory body, ANRE.

Thus, ANRE analyzed the Transgaz plan, and will approve it in a subsequent meeting.

”The total value of the investment plan is of 838.63 million lei, of which the operator’s own funds – 624.13 million lei and contributions from non-reimbursable funds, 214.5 million lei. Of the total value of the plan, 596.2 million lei represents the value of the work ‘Developments of the national transport system in the northeastern part of Romania,’ in order to improve the natural gas supply of the area, as well as to ensure transport capacities to the Republic of Moldova, work that will ensure the interconnection of the national transport system with the system of the Republic of Moldova. The rest of the value, of 242.4 million lei, represents development works on the national territory of the national transport system, works that will be financed entirely from the operator’s own sources,” ANRE said.

In order to expand the national transport system and to make new connections, the operator has allocated funds amounting to 13 million lei, to which will be added new financial resources as public administration authorities or distribution operators will request the connection to new localities.


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