Transgaz: The national gas transport system, in pre-alert state


The national gas transmission system (SNT) was in the pre-alert state on Friday morning, according to the indicator showing the actual volume of gas in the transport pipelines, according to the data posted on the Transgaz site.

Thus, at 7:00 am, the Line Pack indicator, which represents the actual volume of natural gas at one point in Transgaz’s natural gas pipeline, had a value of 54.1 million cubic meters.

The company explains that the optimal state of SNT is reached when the Line Pack value is between 49 and 51 million cubic meters, and the normal state is reached in the ranges between 42 and 49 million cubic meters and between 51 and 53 million cubic meters, according to Agerpres.

The pre-alert status is considered between 36 – 42 million cubic meters and between 53 – 55 million cubic meters, hence the situation of Friday morning.

The system enters alert status when Line Pack lowers less than 36 million cubic meters or greater than 55 million cubic meters.

At the same time, on Friday imports reached 10 million cubic meters, 18% of consumption.


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