Transgaz teams continue to work on development projects; over 550 people work at BRUA


So far, all the development projects of Transgaz are carried out normally, announces the operator of the national natural gas transmission system in Romania, “with no situations Covid-19 related incidents”.

In total, 558 people are involved in the development projects, the majority in the construction of the BRUA pipeline – 427. Another 124 Transgaz employees are currently working at the Bibești and Podișor compression stations – also part of the BRUA project.

Two more compression stations are in the process of being modernized, with 14 people currently assigned to work; another 24 employees work at the compression stations in Onești and Gherăești.

The implementation of the BRUA Project will result in ensuring the physical possibility of permanent reverse flow interconnections with Bulgaria and Hungary, ensuring in Phase 1 the natural gas transport capacity to Hungary of 1.75 billion cubic meters / year, respectively 1.5 billion cubic meters / year to Bulgaria. The first phase of the BRUA project is to be completed this year.


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