Transgaz reports the first incidents related to SARS-CoV-2; almost 1,100 people work on its construction sites in Romania


Three people involved in Transgaz’ investment works have been in isolation since Saturday, April 4, after they contacted members of their families who are suspected to be infected, the company announces; one is a member of the execution staff from the Bibești compression station, in the BRUA project, and the other two are employees of the contractor Spoting SA. At present, the operator of the national natural gas transmission system has almost 1,200 people active in the construction sites in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

In total, 756 people work on the construction of the BRUA pipeline. Another 142 Transgaz employees are currently working at the Bibești, Podișor and Jupa compression stations. The numbers are increasing compared to the situation from two weeks before.

107 people are involved in investment works for connecting the territorial administrative units to the national transport system, the largest number in Segarcea, Craiova (35).

109 employees are currently active in the Ungheni-Chisinau project of Transgaz’ in the Republic of Moldova.


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