Transelectrica will complete the investment in Iernut station this month


At the end of September, Transelectrica will complete the stage of the modernization project carried out at the Iernut transformation station, which allows the connection of the new power plant that Romgaz is building in that area, according to a company release.

“The National Electricity Transmission Company Transelectrica SA is making important progress in carrying out investment, refurbishment and modernization projects in the 400/220/110/6 kV Iernut and 220/110/20 kV Ungheni power substations. At the end of September 2020, the stage of the project carried out in the Iernut station will be completed, through which the conditions for connecting the future 430 MW combined cycle power plant Iernut, belonging to SNGN Romgaz SA. Regarding the refurbishment process of Ungheni Station, the works are carried out according to schedule,” it is shown in the release.

In the Iernut 400/200/110/6 kV Power Station, a complex investment is being carried out, with a value of over 30 million lei, which includes the installation of an autotransformer, the modernization of the command-control system of the entire power station, the connection of the Combined Cycle Power Plant of 430 MW, belonging to Romgaz, as well as the design and execution works of the protection systems related to the electrical connection lines of the new SPEE Iernut groups.

“The investment we are carrying out in the Iernut station is of great importance, both for Transelectrica and for the National Power System, but especially for the development of the national economy. We understand the acute need for investments and support the investment effort to develop Romania and Transelectrica projects are the engine that drives the economic evolution of the country as a whole. Creating the conditions for connecting to the national system a new power plant is such a project designed to pave the way for development and contribute to the security of electricity supply to consumers. Therefore, we have carefully monitored this work in the last 8 months and together with the project teams of the Company and the contractors we managed to complete important stages of the project,” said Cătălin Niţu, President of Transelectrica.

The works at Iernut Station are carried out by SMART, Transelectrica’s branch, having as subcontractors Retrasib, Dacom, Farben and Teletrans.


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