Transelectrica ensures the security of electricity supply in Romania, in the context generated by COVID-19


Electricity Transport and System Operator CNTEE „Transelectrica“ S.A. implements the action plan on the continuity of the activity and operations necessary to ensure the safe operation of the National Power System (SEN), in the epidemiological context generated by the spread of COVID-19, Transelectrica announced.

„CNTEE Transelectrica SA is not currently affected by COVID-19 and ensures the functioning of the electric transmission network and the driving by dispatcher under normal operating conditions, in compliance with all the preventive measures established. In accordance with the legal obligations, CNTEE Transelectrica SA has organized its activity during this period to ensure the continuity of its mission of public service of electricity transmission, the continuity of the electricity supply as well as the safe operation of SEN,“ is mentioned in a statement quoted by Agerpres.

According to the quoted source, the company implements with responsibility a clear action plan drawn up in accordance with all legal provisions, recommendations and measures announced by the authorities in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, which is continuously updated to ensure the proper management of the network and the security of the supply of electricity in Romania.

The measures provided in the Continuity Plan are implemented in several stages, depending on the evolution of the situation, from preventive hygiene measures to those meant to ensure the protection of the key personnel for the operation of the SEN and the electrical transmission network, being monitored by a dedicated team within the company.


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