Total investments in the electricity sector for the period 2019-2030, estimated at about 14 bln. euros


The total investments required in the electricity sector for the period 2019-2030 is of about 14 billion euros, for the electricity networks being estimated investments of about 500 million euros annually until 2030, according to the project “Energy Strategy of Romania 2019-2030, with the perspective of the year 2050”, published by the Energy ministry.

The costs for the electrical networks include the interconnection and development projects of the network provided by the Transelectrica Development Plan for 2016-2025 and its continuation until 2030, as well as the estimated level of investments in distribution networks. The investments include equipment and technologies that make the transition to “smart networks” with two-way communication, efficient management and greater flexibility in operation, according to Agerpres.

“The cost of the gradual development of distributed electricity production is also estimated, with an impact especially at the level of the distribution networks. Such investments are not likely to increase the level of the network tariffs”, it is mentioned by the project.

According to the Energy Strategy project, an analysis of all capital expenditures foreseen in the field of electricity transport, gas transport, storage, interconnection of oil supply, carbon networks and potential power-to-gas- facilities grid injections “shows a total expenditure of 229 billion euros in the decade 2021-2030 in the EU 28 area. This is added to the investments in infrastructure worth 67 billion euros, which are still waiting for commissioning by 2020.


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  1. Specialistii din ME,poate fac un efort si ne spun si noua celor care nu cunoastem, de unde se asigura fondurile financiare si cand ? asta pentru simplul motiv ca gr.3-4 Cernavoda asteapta de 19 ani o decizie iar grupul energetic nou de la Rovinari ,asterapta de 12 ani o decizie.De celelante investitii nu mai intreb ca sunt gandite inainte de anul 1990 si au ramas la nivelul de gandire.Tatal meu ia asteptat de americani si a murit in inchisorile comuniste.Noi asteptam oare finantatorii straini sa ne rezolve problemele energetice ?

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