Thermal power plants in Oltenia will end the year with a loss of 1.2 bln. lei


The Energy Complex Oltenia, the second largest producer of electricity in Romania and administrator of the lignite mines and thermoelectric power plants in Oltenia, will register a gross loss of 1.209 billion lei this year, according to a document of the Ministry of Energy.

Thus, the EC Oltenia power plants will produce 13.1 TWh of electricity (11 TWh net). The average cost of production is about 349 lei/ MWh, with the cost of the certificates included, if the average price of electricity sold on the market is about 256 lei/ MWh, calculated throughout the year, writes

The total revenues of the Complex are estimated at 4.68 billion lei, so over one billion euros, but the expenses are higher, of about 5.89 billion lei. The biggest expense is for the purchase of emission certificates, 1.6 billion lei for the energy production related to this year.


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