The sustainability reports of the CEZ Group in Romania have obtained the international GRI certification


At the second cycle of reporting sustainability indicators, CEZ Group in Romania has completed and certified two new sustainability reports dedicated to the activity of Oltenia Distribution and of the other companies within the Group.

“The GRI certification represents an additional confirmation that sustainable development remains a defining feature of our business. In Romania, for 14 years, we continue our mission to act responsibly. We are constantly looking for new ways of developing dialogue with our partners and clients, with whom we keep a transparent communication. At the same time, we remain concerned about improving the way we ensure the production, supply and distribution of electricity, an activity closely related to our social, economic and environmental impact,” said Ondrej Safar – CEO, CEZ Romania.

The non-financial reporting of the CEZ Group in Romania, for the period 2017 – 2018, was done after a consultation of the internal and external stakeholders on the issues that had an impact on their activity, as well as after an extensive internal process of data collection and analysis. This was stated in accordance with the expectations of the interested groups, in compliance with the principles of materiality analysis of the reported issues (GRI Materiality Disclosure).

Between 2017 and 2018, CEZ Group in Romania provided electricity for more than 3.5 million consumers in seven counties in southern Romania.


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