The shareholders approved the participation of OPCOM in the central counterpart of the BSE


The shareholders of OPCOM – Transelectrica and the Romanian State through the Ministry of Economy – approved at the GSM meeting on 17 July the participation of the OPCOM market in setting up a joint stock company as a central counterpart for Romania – or a Clearing House, together with the majority shareholder Bucharest Stock Exchange and other minority shareholders.

OPCOM will contribute by a cash sum worth 15.2 million lei, equivalent to 3.2 million euros, representing 15% of the share capital of the new company, according to

At the same time, the shareholders approved the contracting by OPCOM of a non-revolving credit facility type loan worth 15,200,000 lei, for a period of 120 months, which will be granted by the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR). This provides the source of financing for the participation of OPCOM in the social capital of the clearing house.


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