The partial takeover plan of the National Uranium Company gets high on the agenda


Nuclearelectrica (SNN), the state operator of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, resumed the plan to take over a part of the National Uranium Company’s (CNU) unit in Feldioara – the uranium octoate processing line, but its steps could hit a law enacted last year that gives CNU a „legal” legal monopoly on this activity. This is because, according to SNN documents, the company expects for this year „the increase in raw material expenses, mainly price increases for the acquisition and processing of uranium”, with a negative influence of over 17 million lei in the Nuclearelectrica budget, according to .

Thus, SNN shareholders, controlled by the Ministry of Energy with over 82% of shares, will discuss next month the proposal made by Nuclearelectrica’s management, contracting consultancy services, including of a legal nature, necessary for carrying out the due diligence analysis (technical, financial, legal) with a view to a possible takeover by SNN of the uranium concentrate processing line (CTU/ U3O8) from CNU Feldioara branch, wholly owned by the Ministry of Energy.


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