The Neptun Deep investment standstill affects OMV, but also macro indicators


OMV Petrom is expected, according to Transgaz estimates, to halve its production in the next ten years, if the Neptun Deep project will not start, writes

But not only OMV Petrom would suffer, but also the trade balance and national currency, due to the fact that by 2030, if production would not start in the Black Sea, national production would fall by more than 50 TWh, from 115 TWh as it was in 2018, at 68 TWh in 2030, whereas consumption will increase by over 3 TWh, from 113 TWh in 2020 to 116.5 TWh in 2030. In other words, by 2030 Romania will have to import about 50 TWh of gas. Comparatively, in 2018, a quantity of gas of about 16 TWh was imported, which means that gas imports will triple in the next 10 years.


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