The Ministry of Energy will take samples of petrol and diesel from the market to monitor fuel quality


The Ministry of Energy will take and analyze gas and diesel samples from distribution stations to monitor their quality, according to a draft order published on the site of the institution.

Thus, the competent authority – the ministry, will update a list of distribution stations and commercial locations where car fuel is distributed, as appropriate. This list has to be updated every year, according to Agerpres.

The locations can then be divided, if there is sufficient information, into locations of major oil companies, supermarkets, hypermarkets and independent locations.

The total quantity required for the three samples (laboratory sample, counter sample and blank sample) is 9 liters for gas sampling and 4,5 liters for diesel sampling.

Economic operators who place petrol and diesel on the market are obliged to check in their own laboratories or in other laboratories, for each lot of gasoline and diesel fuel placed on the market, all the technical specifications provided in Government Emergency Ordinance no. 80/2018 and Law no. 311/2018, as amended and supplemented.


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