The Ministry of Economy extends the term of commissioning of the new plant from Iernut


The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment proposes a draft Government Decision to delay the commissioning period of the new plant in Iernut from 30.06.2020, term provided in the legislation, to 31.12.2020.

Thus, the Ministry of Economy wants the Government to approve a Decision to amend the Government Decision no. 1096/2013 for the approval of the transitional allocation mechanism with free title of the greenhouse gas emission certificates to the electricity producers, for the period 2013-2020, including the National Investment Plan (PNI), according to

“As the combined cycle power plant with gas turbines made by SNGN Romgaz in Iernut is an investment that contributes to achieving the strategic objectives regarding energy security, sustainable development and increasing competitiveness, it is imperative to change the provisions of GD no. 1096/2013, regarding the maximum term of commissioning of an investment financed from the PNI funds, in order to allow the further application of the provisions of the Financing Contract no. 4/2017, so that the investment from Iernut will benefit from non-reimbursable financing from PNI ”, according to the Ministry of Economy.

The investment “Cycle combined with gas turbines – Iernut”, realized by SNGN Romgaz, has a non-reimbursable financing value of about 321 million lei. It consists of building of a 430 MW combined cycle plant with gas turbines, whose execution contract is a “turnkey” type (EPC – design, execution, commissioning).


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