The Minister of Transport announces a new amendment to the procurement law


The Procurement Law will be amended, and one of the amendments will stipulate that a company that has not participated in a tender will no longer be able to challenge certain provisions in the tender specifications in court, said Transport Minister Răzvan Cuc, at a TV station.

“I want to change the Procurement Law. This week, on Tuesday, I should have been in the Industry Commission, with amendments to the procurement package. I’m going to go next week. Tuesday was postponed to make a joint committee – with the Industry Commission and the legal one – and I will support and you will see the amendments there. One of them refers to the following fact: it is not possible to attack, or bring to court, for a company that did not participate in the auction, to challenge certain provisions of the specifications in the conditions in which, I repeat, did not participate,” the minister said, referring to the appeals filed at the auctions of sections 3 and 4 of Craiova-Piteşti motorway, according to Agerpres.

According to Răzvan Cuc, some implementation reserves have been provided in the tender book, which were challenged by a company that did not attend to the tender.


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