The government works with the Competition Council and the European Commission on the future support scheme for cogeneration


The Romanian natural gas sector could benefit from the construction of new high-efficiency cogeneration units. The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment is currently working “closely with the Competition Council to identify how the support scheme for cogeneration units can be extended”.

Present at the conference “Romanian International Gas Conference(RIGC)”, organized by the Energy Policy Group (EPG), Dan Drăgan, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, answered a question launched by Energynomics: “We want to get the most appropriate formula to encourage investment in such facilities, and we are working hard in this respect and we constantly consult with the European Commission,” said Dan Drăgan.

He said he believed that natural gas would continue to play an important role in the future as an instrument for a smooth transition to decarbonization. “It is essential in Romania to use natural gas for this purpose. A greater share of investment will be needed, including on the natural gas side, and the future regulatory framework must allow the development of all options,” he said.

The third edition of the Romanian International gas Conference – RIGC, with the theme of the “European Green Pact and the future of natural gas”, runs as an online format between November 23 and November 26. More information HERE!


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