The government has launched a new program for the reconversion of miners in the Jiu Valley


The government launched on Wednesday a new program of projects regarding the reconversion of the Jiu Valley miners.

About two million euros of European funds can be used for the re-qualification and professional integration of the unemployed in the areas of Petrosani, Vulcan, Petrila, Aninoasa, Lupeni and Uricani. The beneficiaries of the program are about 2,000 vulnerable people in these areas and represent concrete support for all the unemployed in the Jiu Valley.

The program launched by the government is based on three measures: the first aims at the re-qualification and professional reintegration of those affected by the closure of the mines in the area, and the companies that would apply to win the European funding have the obligation that 30% of the students be reintegrated into the labor field, according to Radio Romania Actualitati.

The second measure concerns the first integration into work, more precisely a material support offered to the graduates of the professional qualification courses; for example, in the field of constructions those who are employed will benefit from the equipment and protection and the kit necessary for the activity carried out.

The last measure provides for subsidizing the cost of labor for a period of one year with the sum of RON 2,250 per month. The amount is intended for employers, for each person who is professionally integrated.

The program launched by the government is a pilot one that will be applied depending on the results also in eight other regions identified as vulnerable.


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