The German group Greencells is interested in the Romanian photovoltaic market


The Greencells Group is interested in the Romanian photovoltaic market, where it can build up to 2 MW per day, with local labor at German quality verified in dozens of projects around the world, said Adrian Moldovanu, Head of Business Development Romania for the group, at EnergynomicsTalks.

“We are confident that the big photovoltaic parks segment will develop in Romania and we want to be part of this,” said Moldovanu. One of the large-scale projects that Greencells is interested in is the four-unit package with a total installed capacity of 300 MW, announced by CE Oltenia and confirmed by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment.

“The market is getting ready! We know about many other projects, all encouraged by the recent legislation and regulatory framework clarification in respect to the power purchase agreements (PPAs). “There are projects in preparation that amount to 800 MW in new installed capacities for Romania”, estimated Adrian Moldovanu.

The Greencells Group established in 2007, in Germany, and since 2010 it has also been present in Romania, as a supplier of qualified work force and personnel, first in Europe and then on other continents. “At its peak, the Romanian company had about 800 employees, with whom we executed many projects in Great Britain – about 10 percent of the British market. We are talking about the years 2015-2016, when the sector was completely shut down in Romania”.

In 2017, the group secured a capital injection from shareholders in Saudi Arabia, which allowed Greencells Group to be part of some of the largest projects globally, in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Southeast Asia, among others. “Our core team of electricians we managed to build around the company is the driver that moves our activity further,” Moldovanu added. “There are two completely different businesses we can get involved in. Our main object of activity is the construction of photovoltaic parks, in EPC type projects, where we have great expertise in everything, from conception, acquisition, construction, turnkey delivery, operation and maintenance. Lately, the group has also entered the project development area. Here we talk about a totally different business model, where we deal with negotiating the PPA’s price and with the development of the business plan; of course, it is also us who built everything. Thus, this is an integrated approach from A to Z, which has the advantage that the guarantees and confidence from our partners are significantly higher”, he explained.

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