The gasoline price in Romania has fallen below the European average


The tax-free price of gasoline on the Romanian market fell below the European average, while diesel prices are still higher by 2%, according to Agerpres, quoting the latest data from the European Commission’s Oil Bulletin.

Thus, as of 6 May, duty-free petrol costs 0.598 euros per liter in Romania, while the EU average is 0.607 euro per liter. For diesel, the price is 0.652 euro per liter, compared to the average of 0.641 euro per liter. The price of gasoline was also higher than the EU average in recent months, but the two levels reached convergence in mid-April, and since then the price in Romania has been lower.

With all taxes included, the cost of fuel is lower in Romania compared to the European average. Gasoline has a price of 1,222 euros per liter in the domestic market, compared to the European average of 1,487 euros per liter, and diesel costs 1,250 euros per liter at local stations, compared to the average of 1,382 euros in the EU.


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