The gas price for the population will not fall


Even if the capping of the sale price of natural gas to the population comes into force at the level of 68 lei/ MWh from May, the final price paid by the population will not decrease, according to ANRE. Last year, household prices rose 17%. At least this year they will not grow, writes

„By relinquishing the limited price for non-household consumers, we can say that 40% of the natural gas market in Romania will be at a regulated price for household consumers and for thermal energy producers using gas for the heat supplied to the population”, said the vice-president of ANRE, Zoltan Nagy Bege.

At the conference, Bege explained that current prices for the population would no longer increase, but later on he said that they would not decrease, as in the electricity case, that suppliers now recover the cost of previous purchasing of gas in the market, higher than those approved by ANRE.


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