The executive solved the problem of power vacuum in ministries


The executive decided, last month, by emergency ordinance, that the secretary general of a ministry be the chief authorizing officer in the event of the vacancy of the minister’s position or in the case of the absolute impossibility of the minister to exercise duties. Under the Senate debate, the ordinance was amended in committees so that the Secretary General is also a legal representative in the absence of a high position holder in the ministry.

Following the Government ordinance, which amends the Administrative Code for this purpose, the general secretaries of the ministries were able to take over the tasks of approving the payment of salaries, paying bills and honoring contractual and payment obligations, including on European funds, according to

Arrived in the senators debate, the ordinance was recently amended in the specialized committee so that the secretary general of a ministry also has the capacity of “legal representative” of the institution in the absence of the ministry holder. Thus, the secretary general of the ministry will fulfill “the status of principal credit authorizing officer and legal representative, during the vacancy of the position of minister or in the situation where the minister is in the absolute impossibility of exercising the duties”, shows the modified text of the ordinance. The amendment will have to be voted by both the Senate plenary and the Chamber of Deputies, in order to enter into force.


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