The Environmental Fund Authority provides the prosumers with financing buffer for installation costs


AFM will provide a small-scale photovoltaic producers (prosumers) a buffer fund for project financing, says Andrei Iorgulescu, Director General for Projects, Environmental Fund Administration.

“This buffer is not regulated as such. But it is one of the measures the AFM has taken to improve the settlement mechanism. We, in turn, depend on this funding through the Regional Operational Program, and in turn we found a way not to keep installers with the files open. It does not matter how big this buffer is,” Iorgulescu told

He said the AFM hired a large enough team to meet funding demands in about two to three weeks. “It is important that we prepared these two measures in advance: a bigger team of implementation and a fund from which to ensure the fluidity of the financing,” Iorgulescu also said.

The Regional Operational Program will finance the program with 115 million euros.

“From AFM, we will provide 120 million lei for Bucharest-Ilfov funding and this buffer fund,” he added.

One of the issues raised by prosumers is that some of the maximum of 40 system installers to be licensed will have to make the investment and then to wait for the AFM’s expense payment. To solve the problem, AFM has provided a buffer and large energy distributors have offered to help with installation kits to speed up the work, as market sources for said.

“The big companies already offer the installation kits. The problem of lack of money disappears thus, but installers will not keep their entire profit anymore. But a problem would be that preferential works may appear in the market,” said the sources qoted.

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