The EC requires Romania to comply with its reporting obligations in the field of waste


The European Commission announced Thursday that it has sent letters of delay to 15 EU member states, including Romania, which asks them to comply with their reporting obligations, according to EU waste laws, a statement said.

EU waste legislation requires member states to report data to the Commission. To date, a number of 15 Member States have not fulfilled their obligations under various laws, including the Waste Directive for electrical and electronic equipment, the Disposable Vehicles Directive and the Waste Transfer Regulation.

According to Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment, member states are required to report to the Commission the progress made in implementing the targets. Member states should also provide the Commission with a detailed description of how the data was collected. So far, Romania, Malta and Sweden have not fulfilled their obligations as they did not provide the reports for 2015.


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