The connection of prosumers under 30kVA to the network becomes more accessible – the expert study is abandoned


Individuals who want to place their photovoltaic panels at home and become prosumers – to sell the electricity surplus they generate on the network, receive good news from the regulator: part of the procedure is simplified.

The Energy Regulatory Authority has developed an Order, which is still at project level, whereby part of the process of connecting future prospectors will become simpler and cheaper, writes Specifically, for low power installations, ANRE imposed the obligation for the connection to be made on the basis of a solution sheet, not a solution study. “The file costs several hundred lei, and the study must be performed by an expert and costs up to several thousand euros,” an industry specialist told

The provision is valid for installations with a maximum power of 30 kVA, in which case the distributor can no longer request the connection solution study.


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