Termoenergetica will take over the activity of RADET, will purchase thermal energy from other suppliers


The Bucharest City Hall (PMB) will purchase thermal energy for the Pipera – Aviation and Colentina – Fundeni areas from suppliers other than ELCEN, because the Pipera and Titan electro-thermal centrals (CETs) no longer supply energy, the General Council of the Bucharest City Council (CGMB) has decided.

“It is approved for RADET Bucharest to start the necessary procedures for the purchase of thermal energy in the deficient areas of the centralized supply system of thermal energy in Bucharest, respectively Pipera – Aviation and Colentina – Fundeni”, shows in the specialized report of the project , voted in the CGMB meeting on Thursday, November 14th.

At the same time, Alexandru Burghiu, former director of RADET, became the new general manager of Thermo-energetics. Burghiu explained to Mediafax that the CETs from which the PMB is going to buy energy do not currently exist, but a tender will take place in order to build such a system.

“The RADET district heating system is designed with 6 large CETs, but at present Pipera and Titan no longer supply energy. Basically, through this project, RADET requests for the approval of the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest to initiate the procedures for purchasing the thermal energy in the respective areas. We will organize tenders, in which we will ask for conditions, that is, for how long to build the CETs and how much energy we need. At the same time, we are obliged to buy from them for a certain period of time. It is a solution to restore the system,” said Alexandru Burghiu.


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  1. Si acesti alti furnizori vor da la pret mai mic decat ELCEN ? daca da ar fi cazul sa se rescrie cartile de termotehnica. Fara Pipera si Titan si fara grupul nou de la CET Vest,cu ani urma ELCEN asigura dublul energiei termice furnizate in prezent.Au trecut cumva cazanele la functionare pe energie solara ? Sunt curios ce va face adm judiciar al ELCEN, referitor la achizitia energiei termice de la alti furnizori cu pret mai mic.

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