Teodorovici: We are interested in giving, through fiscal amnesty, a chance mainly to the big public companies


Minister of Public Finances Eugen Teodorovici said he wants the government to give a chance mainly to public companies, which have big debts to the state, to save themselves from the closure, through fiscal amnesty – renamed financial restructuring.

The minister said fiscal amnesty could be included in a private-sector package announced for May. „This financial restructuring is a measure that we have at the level of the Government. I wish very much that the month of May is the month for us to come, as a government team, with a package of measures for the private environment, that includes, among other things, this financial restructuring measure,” Teodorovici said. The Minister of Public Finance added that those who prove that they have not paid their debts to the state this year will not be able to benefit from such a measure.

Eugen Teodorovici believes that financial restructuring would be a chance especially for big state companies. „We are interested in giving a chance mainly to the big public companies, because in the following years they can no longer be supported by the state,” the minister said, quoted by Agerpres.

According to Teodorovici, this tax amnesty would include the deletion of the penalties and the interest due and the rescheduling of the basic debt so that the repayment installments do not affect the economic development of the company and the „company will not have the pressure to pay the state”.

The minister assured that the same mechanism would apply to private companies.


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