Ten 100MW-plus wind farms commissioned in July


The ten largest wind farms Windpower Intelligence has identified as coming fully online in July all have a capacity of 100MW or more.

Global capacity reached 582.2GW by the end of July- an increase of about 4.5GW since the start of the month.

Of this new capacity, ten projects in the UK, the US, China, Australia, Argentina and Serbia, account for just shy of 3GW — or 63% of the monthly total.

By comparison, the ten biggest projects in June had a combined capacity of just over 1GW — or 21% of the 4.7GW total commissioned that month.

Only one of the top ten wind farms — the 588MW Beatrice off the coast of Scotland — was an offshore project.

The top ten also includes Serbia’s largest wind farm: New Energy Solutions’ 104.5MW Blacksmith project in Vojvodina.


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