Tariceanu to the PM: Mind the Exxon-OMV offshore contract


Senate President Calin Popescu Tariceanu asks the prime minister to pay more attention to the extension of the concession contract that would allow the consortium formed by Exxom and OMV to exploit the Black Sea gas, saying that without the contract, the two companies would not invest in the offshore project, according to news.ro and profit.ro.

“As you know, last year, in Parliament, we made a series of adjustments and adopted the law on offshore exploitation. Since then, too few signs have been received from the Exxon – OMV about the investment they will make in the Black Sea. This reserve, this silence of the Exxon – OMV concern is due to the fact that the Government expects the extension of the concession contract to expire. So without the existence of a valid concession contract and for a sufficient period to enable them to recover the investment, the investment decision will not come. I make an appeal to the Prime Minister, asking her to pay attention to this issue of the Government. The ANRM must grant the license extension so that the timing that OMV and Exxon have established can be achieved. In essence, putting the investment into operation within two to three years,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu said.



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