Stroe, MET: There will be a 30-year marathon on the combined cycle gas market


In the energy sector there will be a marathon of 30 years from now because there are a lot of opportunities in the construction of combined cycle gas plants, said Petre Stroe, general manager of MET Romania Energy (member of the MET group).

Romania needs strong investments in the natural gas sector.

“We have an important source of natural gas (e.n. – onshore, as well as gas from offshore deposits in the Black Sea) and we can become suppliers for Europe. The gas industry is currently behind other industries in terms of regulations – by at least three years. But when these regulations reach a normal level, there will be plenty of opportunities. And there are also opportunities in the field of renewable energy, especially since we intend to reach a share of 34% of consumption, from 24% at present,” said the general director of MET Romania Energy, for Die Welt.

Regarding the company’s activity in Romania, Stroe announced that, at present, MET is focused on industrial customers, but there is also a major concern for attracting residential customers. “There is a threshold of 100,000 customers and the faster we can reach this target, the better. In the future, we aim to have 40% residential clients and 60% non-households,” Stroe said.


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