Stroe, MET: Bilateral contracts are absolutely necessary, the market is moving in a normal direction


Bogdan Tudorache

Bilateral contracts are absolutely necessary, and the elimination of the provisions of GEO 114 and the new orders of the regulatory body ANRE for the adoption of European regulations bring the market in a normal direction, says Petre Stroe, CEO of MET Romania Energy.

“Now it is good to change the regulations, but we will have to work day and night … Already the coupling of the intra-day market has prolonged our program because we have to be on non-stop near the commands,” said Store.

He argues that the market needs a broader debate, including large consumers, to reduce imbalances. Currently, in the one hour settlement market, there are major imbalances, and from 2021 the settlement will be introduced at 15 minutes, which would increase the problems in the electricity market.

“Now the market is moving in a normal direction. From January we will have news, we have a team that participates in the elaboration of the new regulations … There is also a transparency from ANRE,” said Stroe.

“I think that it is absolutely necessary to organize debates with consumers, to help them have more knowledge regarding the energy market: operation, regulations, energy price (evolution, estimates),” Stroe believes.

An example of this is represented by the costs with the imbalances caused by the consumers (the differences between the consumption estimate and the realized one).

“At the conclusion of a supply contract, the imbalance band we are considering with the customer is plus-minus 15%. An additional 15% to the price of energy due to the imbalances, caused by the incorrect estimation of the customers, can add to them very high costs, which can affect the profitability of the activity. That is why this cost should and can be managed. Together, all market players – consumers, suppliers, market operators, Transelectrica – must meet, find solutions, because we have to control this situation, which can affect us all,” said the director of MET Romania Energy.


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