Storage company Sonnen enters e-mobility with flat-rate business model


Bavarian energy storage company Sonnen, which was taken over by oil company Shell earlier this year, is entering the e-mobility market. The company said it will launch a subscription model whereby households can rent a PV system, a battery and an electric car for a monthly flat rate, according to Clean Energy Wire and Die Welt.

“Sonnen removes barriers to the use of renewable energies and makes them accessible to even more people,” states a press release. The monthly fee for the PV array and the battery will be on par with households’ conventional electricity bills, and the car will cost an additional fee depending on the type of vehicle, starting at 250 euros per month, Sonnen said. The company currently has 40,000 clients in Germany and said it expects that 30 percent of new clients will opt for an electric car next year.


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