Sterian: Hungarians want to take a stress test for the BRUA pipeline on December 2


The Hungarian gas transport company, FGSZ, sent a letter to Transgaz announcing a stress test on the BRUA pipeline on December 2, just the day after Romania’s National Day, so that the Romanian and Hungarian teams will celebrate together, said on Tuesday, the general manager of Transgaz, Ion Sterian, the conference “Romanian International Gas Conference(RIGC)”, organized by the Energy Policy Group (EPG). Sterian addressed Szabolcs Ferencz, CEO of FGSZ, present at the conference, according to Agerpres.

“I greet my counterpart from FGSZ in Hungary, who was born somewhere in the Mioritic lands, in the Timişoara area, speaks the Romanian language well and knows the Romanian tradition and culture, which he has mastered since the first 18 years of his life. Thank you for the stress test, for the letter he sent me last night, that exactly on December 2 they want to test us if we have completed BRUA, that until now it could not be executed, if there were no capacity reservations,” said Sterian.

He assured his Hungarian counterpart that the pipeline was operational.

“I assure him that at least 200,000 cubic meters per hour will be ensured, that BRUA is functional, and on the relationship with Hungary it has been functional for a month, to ensure the capacity of 1.75 billion cubic meters (per year – no.). We are after the national day, we will celebrate together,” the Transgaz official continued.

Work on the BRUA gas pipeline was completed on Sunday.


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