Starace: If there is still growth in Romania, we probably won’t sell


Francesco Starace, CEO of the Enel group, said that the assets in Romania could be sold, as they have been sold in other countries, if they no longer generate a satisfactory increase in profitability.

“We do not have a «holy cow» in this area of activity. Anything can be sold, provided we have finished implementing the efficiency and growth measures of the company,” said Starace, quoted by

“So, if there is still growth in Romania, we probably won’t sell. If the activity in Romania can be made more efficient then we probably won’t sell. If we do not have people interested (of assets), how can we sell? The idea is that we sold assets in France, Brazil, Italy, Russia, and we could sell in Romania, why not? Depending on the offers we receive, of the parties interested.

We believe we have a good package and Romania is a good country and there is a lot of value in the structure we have here. So far we have not take a decision,” he added.

Starace made the statement following a question from Romanian journalists, at Capital Markets Day, in Milan, where the Italian group presented its strategic plan for the next three years.


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