Stab, Engie: I do not like GEO 114. A non-disruptive formula should be found


Romania should define and implement the legislation for the vulnerable consumers, and the Ordinance 114/2018 does nothing but create distortions in the market, Eric Stab, president and CEO of Engie Romania, told

“I do not agree with GEO 114, a formula must be found to be satisfactory for the entire value chain in the gas market. We are not responsible for GEO 114, we did not contribute to launching it, we suddenly woke up in December that it was issued,” Stab said.

“Now we are in a moment of total confusion, because we do not know how it will be applied, if it does remain in current form. We do not know what the import component will be or what will be the margins,” Stab said.

He argues that no decisive meetings were held with government representatives on the occasion of GEO 114, as of late.

He also said, at the Romanian International Gas Conference, an event organized by the Energy Policy Group, that all competent authorities, from the Ministry of Energy and ANRE, to the Ministry of Labor and Finance, should be brought together to define the notion of a vulnerable consumer. A time consuming process, hard to believe can be finalized in a short period of time.


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