Solar Point has launched an online application for the prosumers to submit their offer request


At the RoEnergy South-East Europe Fair in Bucharest, Solar Point from Braşov launched a web page where potential beneficiaries of the AFM subsidy program for installation of photovoltaic systems can find all the necessary documents, the categories of subsidized spending, information on legislation and eligibility. “Also online, the most appropriate package and extra options can be selected, and our application can provide those interested with a cost estimate and the ability to send us the call of offer,” explained Romulus Berdei, General Manager of Solar Point.

Depending on the type of connection, Solar Point proposes four options – 3, 4.6, 6 or 10 KWp systems. The cheapest option is 3,800 lei, VAT included: the Fronius 3KWp turnkey package. With other costs added (Fronius inverter, K2 Systems stand, enclosure, accessories, plus installation and commissioning, the total ups to 21,500 leu, VAT included.) The AFM subsidy covers 20,000 lei; but there are also other costs to have in mind:

  • Technical documentation and project – 1,950 lei
  • Documentation for AFM – 850 lei

Solar Point applies a discount of 500 lei, for a final cost, with the AFM subsidy, of 3,800 lei.

The bureaucratic actions (Technical Connection Approval – ATR, other approvals, documents, etc.) in the relationship with the power distributor stays in the beneficiary’s responsibility. Solar Point proposes a 600 lei fee to take over this effort.

In the Solar Point application there are also some extra options

  • GSM system for data delivery to AFM – without data subscription: 575 lei
  • Current Metering Packet: Smart Meter + Power Transformer + lightning protection system: 1,975 lei

It should not be forgotten that the subscription is mandatory and may amount to up to 300 lei annually, a burden to remain on the account of the beneficiary.

The 3-KWp premium solution, proposed by Solar Point, comes with a Solar Edge SE3K HD Wave three-phase inverter and includes 10 Solar Edge P300-5RM4MRS power optimizers. “These allow for up to 25% more power compared to non-optimized systems,” said Romulus Berdei. The premium solution reaches 27,300 lei, of which the AFM grant covers 20,000 lei.

The Solar Point online platform allows for real-time monitoring of the PV system, including on the mobile phone. Power optimizers allow immediate identification of the shaded or broken panels and provide real-time data on the output generated by each panel.


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