SMEmPower Efficiency – a program for promoting energy efficiency in SMEs


The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN), Servelect (SVT) and the Society of Energy Auditors and Managers of Romania (SAMER) launched the SMEmPower Efficiency project, funded by the European program Horizon 2020.

Through SMEmPower Efficiency project SMEs will be supported to develop professional skills in the field of energy, energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to prepare and implement impactful action plans, with measurable and monitored results. Specifically, UTCN launches short-term postgraduate courses on several dimensions, both for specialists promoting the efficiency of energy generation and use, as well as for non-energy specialists from companies, especially SMEs, technical and administrative personnel from universities, local public authorities, industrial parks etc.

Servelect will design and build useful online tools and preliminary energy assessments and it will assist the University’s students in preparing and implementing the action plans.

SAMER will contribute to the promotion and extension of the approach among the auditors and energy managers in Romania, so that they can use the useful tools and materials from the project, in relation with their beneficiaries.

The SMEmPower Efficiency initiative is supported by the European Commission and will materialize in Romania through the public (UTCN) – private (SVT) partnership.


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