Simply applying technologies in smart cities is not enough


The mere application of innovative technologies in smart cities is not sufficient for their development, as long as there are no changes also in other plans, such as legislation, mentality or competences, said Stelian Arion, president of the directory Council of the Smart Cities of Romania cluster.

“We live in a time when current technological progress brings a lot of promise and some certainty about improving our lives, but at the same time brings us some sudden, fast and difficult to manage changes. In the five years since this conference has held (Smart Cities of Romania expo-conference) I found that, related to smart cities, the simple application of technologies is not sufficient. The efficiency of implementation is related to the specific conditions, legislative, mentalities, competences or their lack. Therefore, it is obvious that a number of processes related to technological progress such as digitalization are inevitable, but on the other hand they are not effective if there are no changes in the other plans. Without a plan optimization, technological solutions are ineffective. Within communities, this framework is all the more complex and there is a clear need for innovation, co-operation between the public administration, the academic and research environment, solution providers, entrepreneurs, public and private capital,” explained Arion, quoted by Agerpres.


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