Schneider Electric services dedicated to data centers improve operational efficiency by up to 15%


Schneider Electric expands its portfolio of data center solutions by introducing improved and digitalized versions of its offerings, dedicated to critical Cloud & Services applications or large data center operators. These new offerings make Schneider Electric a leader in digitalized operations for data centers, as well as a unique source of critical application services, from IT equipment to infrastructure.

The new digitalized approach to operations for critical applications combines a software-controlled process with 24×7 on-site operations and remote support. Benefits for customers include increased operational efficiency, involving implementation in real customer environments has led to improvements in operational efficiency by up to 15%.

“At Schneider Electric, we believe that digitalizing operations in data centers will result in reduced risk of human error, improved efficiency, cost savings and increased transparency in data centers around the globe that we operate for customers,” said Anthony DeSpirito, Vice President & General Manager of Data Center Operations, Schneider Electric.

“As the sole provider for all critical operations in data centers both in the IT space and for the rest of the space, Schneider Electric eliminates the frequently encountered delimitations between operational and IT personnel and reduces risks.”


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