Romgaz reacts to the vote in the Senate: Liberalization will not raise prices after July 1


Largest producer and main supplier of natural gas in Romania, Romgaz states that “it did not identify any real reason that with the liberalization of the market, on July 1, there will be any price increases for the natural gas supplied in the market”. And after July 1, the company will continue to provide the gas supplies needed for both households and industrial customers, says Adrian Volintiru, the General Manager of Romgaz, in a press release.

“We are interested in remaining an active and involved player; this is manifested in the investment and policies we adopted, as we continue to be concerned about the security of supply and the development of the Romanian natural gas market,” Volintiru says.

Romgaz recalls that the energy and natural gas market will be liberalized after July 1, 2020, which means that “the price will be set by the market and not controlled by ANRE”. Even the prices paid by the end consumers will be established under market conditions, and will no longer have to be approved by the energy regulatory authority, the company emphasizes.

The message comes hours after the PSD controlled Senate voted against the Government Emergency Ordinance 1/20202, thus rejecting, among others, the re-liberalization of the natural gas market starting from July 1st. GEO 114/2018 introduced a price capping for domestic natural gas supplied to households, a decision criticized by all experts which strongly distorted the Romanian natural as market and impacted the producers revenues, favoring gas imports. GEO 114/2018 also triggered two new EU infringement files against Romania.


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