Romgaz: Discussions regarding the acquisition of a share in the Neptun Deep perimeter, blocked until next year


Discussions regarding the acquisition by Romgaz (SNG) of a stake in ExxonMobil in the offshore perimeter Neptun Deep were put “on hold” until next year, according to Adrian Volintiru, CEO of Romgaz.

He mentioned that the reasons are related to the coronavirus pandemic, but also to the discussions regarding the amendment of the offshore law, requested by the operators.

In December 2019, Adrian Volintiru said that Romgaz (SNG) accessed the data room, in order to enter the Neptun Deep project, regarding the exploitation of Black Sea gas. According to him, in the negotiation, Romgaz intended to act in consortium with OMV and a third foreign partner, according to

ExxonMobil and OMV Petrom are exploring the deep Neptune field in the Black Sea, estimated at 42 to 84 billion cubic meters of gas. The two companies have equal stakes in the project, and the final investment decision for resource extraction has not yet been made.


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