Romgaz and GSP are building a new 200 MW plant


Romgaz, one of the country’s two largest state-controlled gas producers, and GSP Power, part of Grup Servicii Petroliere, controlled by Romanian businessman Gabriel Comanescu, will build a new power plant in Halânga, on a land of the current power plant near Turnu Severin, according to

According to sources, it is a mixed project, for the construction of a new power plant of 200 MW (150 MW on gas and 50 MW of photovoltaic panels). The panels will be placed on the land of the current plant in Halânga, which will be greened.

“Basically, we integrate the production of solar or wind energy with the production of green hydrogen, together with the production of gas-based electricity, so that this new plant, which is approved and will be for the first time a pilot, of 200 MW, installed in place of the old plant in Halânga, in Mehedinți County, which is bankrupt, will be below the minimum currently being discussed at the European Commission, of 200g of CO2 emissions. Through this new concept, which we can multiply at national level, Romania can use gas as a transition fuel, without having problems of pollution and CO2 emissions,” previously said the Minister of Economy, Virgil Popescu.


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