Romania’s gasoline price has risen more than the European average


The price of tax-free fuels in Romania continues to be higher than the European Union average, and in the case of gasoline the price of the last four weeks was higher than that of the EU block, according to the European Commission’s Oil Bulletin, quoted by Agerpres.

In Romania, gasoline currently costs, without taxes, 0.536 euro per liter, and the EU average is 0.518 euro per liter. For comparison, in mid-February, gasoline was in Romania 0.501 euro per liter and the EU average was 0.497 euros per liter. Therefore, the price of gasoline in Romania increased by 0,035 euro per liter, while in the EU the price was up just 0,021 per liter.

As far as diesel is concerned, the price in Romania currently stands at 0.620 euro per liter, compared to 0.605 euro per liter, the EU average. In mid-February, diesel cost 0.602 euro per liter in Romania, while the EU average was of 0.585 euros per liter.


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