Romania urgently needs new capacities


Romania urgently needs new capacities, State Secretary Doru Visan says, explaining that Romania has lost the installed 24,000 MW long ago which is, however, registered in statistics. In 2018, the peak demand was 9,700 MW, and installed capacity is approaching this figure.

“If the Dispatch orders, we can not move more than 11,000 MW,” also says Iulian Iancu, president of the Chamber of Deputies’ Industry and Services Committee.

“We have a shortage of 2,000 MW,” Doru Vişan, State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, told the participants of the CNR-CME Conference on “The Romanian Energy Industry – Past, Present and Future” .

“The winter program ends on March 31st. We have analyzed what changes in the functioning of the energy system. My concern is what we need to do right away, to put something in place. Cernavoda 3 and 4 power plants are in perspective (2030). Units 1 and 2 of Cernavoda have behaved impeccably this year. The Iernut plant – it is imperative to achieve it quickly, it is a necessity.

“The example of Petrom would have been nice to follow more than 10 years ago, the 800 MW plant providing flexibility, safety, perfect response. We no longer have steel or coal. Thinking that you keep the pit coal alive without subsidies is an illusion. The European Commission comes up with a solution – granting subsidies on the closure program. We still have lignite, we must invest in the next three years to manage to keep it. Romania can not lose the lignite. The Rovinari plant is very good,” Vişan said, according to

He also said that problems will be coming out this year, as the Cernavoda group 1 closes for revision, but also other coal groups – that need to prepare for EU compliance. Under these circumstances, we need support for Group 5 in Rovinari, to put it back in operation in 2021, the representative of the Ministry said.


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