Romania recycled only 14% of municipal waste during the past eight years


Romania has not managed to increase its recycling rate over the last eight years, according to an Ernst & Young study.

The targets imposed by the European Union in the field of waste recycling, as of 2008, require that until 31 December 2020 EU countries achieve, at least for paper, metal, plastic and glass waste from municipal waste, a level of readiness for re-use and recycling of at least 50% of the total amount of waste generated.

“However, according to Eurostat, Romania recorded a very low recycling rate of municipal waste of only 14% (7% of materials recycling and 7% of composting) in 2017, with only one percentage point in excess of 2010,” say EY officials.

“Taking into account that waste disposal at the landfill should be the last alternative to waste management, it is alarming that its rate has reached 70%, while the recycling rate stays low for more than 8 years,” they add.

“Already there are in place most of the (legal – n.r.) ingredients necessary for the evolution of the waste collection and recycling system in Romania. The legal framework has been supplemented with the necessary tools, it remains to be seen whether these recent clarifications are sufficient for Romania to start an upward trajectory in the field of recycling… In the case of non-compliance with the obligations assumed, the Court of Justice of the European Union may impose on Romania a payment of a fine of over 1 million euro, plus penalties, for each day of delay,” the survey shows.


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  1. ”Deja există majoritatea ingredientelor…”
    Nu este adevarat! La inceputul anului 2017 taxa de depozitare a fost diminuata in loc sa creasca progresiv, as cum fusese anterior planificat. Vom plati deci penalizari din ratiuni politice.

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