Romania launches an auction for 28 O&G perimeters, the first in 10 years


The Romanian mineral resources regulator – ANRM has launched an auction for exploration, development and exploitation of 28 O&G perimeters, in the 11th auction Round. The decision was published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette.

These are 22 onshore (offshore) oilfields and six offshore (at sea), with a total area of approximately 1,000 square kilometers (E XI-1 Maramureș Vest, E XI-2 Transilvania Nord Est, E XI-3 Transilvania Est, E XI-4 Transilvania Sud, E XI-5 Getica Vest, E XI-5 Getica Vest, E XI-7 Moesia 1, E XI-8 Moesia 2, E XI-9 Moesia 3, E XI-10 Moesia 4, E XI-11 Moesia 5, E XI-12 Moesia 6, E XI-13 Moesia 7, E XI-14 Moesia 8, E XI-15 Muntenia Nord Est 1, E XI-16 Muntenia Nord Est 2, E XI-17 Muntenia Nord Est 3, E XI-18 Moldova 1, E XI-19 Moldova 2, E XI-20 Moldova 3, E XI-21 Moldova 4, E XI-22 Moldova 5, E XI-23 Marea Neagră 1, E XI-24 Marea Neagră 2, E XI-25 Marea Neagră 3, E XI-26 Marea Neagră 4, E XI-27 Marea Neagră 5, E XI-28 Marea Neagră 6).

Prospecting Perimeters and Perimeters for Exploration, Development and Exploitation (source: ANRM)

The onshore perimeters are located in many regions in Romania (Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldova) and have areas of 653-1,098 square kilometers. The 6 offshore perimeters in the Black Sea have areas between 802 and 914 km2.

The decision will be published in Official Journal of the EU in the following days, and the companies interested in these projects should submit their offers in 120 days (4 months) following the date of the release of the decision in the Official Journal of the EU.

The last auction for oil and gas perimeters organized by ANRM in 2009-2010 included 30 perimeters, 12 onshore and 18 offshore.

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