Romania is considering access to the Southern Gas Corridor


Romania is considering ensuring its access to the Southern Gas Corridor, reveals a statement from the Ministry of Economy and Energy (MEEMA) submitted following the participation of Secretary of State Niculae Havrileț in the sixth meeting of the Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council in Baku, Azerbaijan.

At this moment, the project is in the phase of implementation, with 92% progress, and its completion is expected by the end of 2020.

In his speech on the sidelines of the meeting, Niculae Havrileț reiterated Romania’s support for the development of the Southern Gas Corridor and the interest of our country to get involved in the project’s expansion stages, considering the potential of the transport infrastructure offered by the gas interconnector between Romania and Bulgaria and the BRUA gas pipeline, which can significantly contribute to strengthening the role of the Southern Gas Corridor to the Balkans and Central Europe.

At the same time, Havrileț stressed that the important reserves of the Black Sea, together with those of the Caspian Sea area and the Eastern Mediterranean Basin play a significant role in strengthening regional and European energy security.


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