Romania could reach 250,000 green cars in 2030


Bogdan Tudorache

Romania needs infrastructure for electromobility, says Corneliu Bodea, president of the Romanian Energy Center and general manager of Adrem. “At the moment, for the company fleet of the company I am managing, of about 400 vehicles, there is no cost justification for replacing electric cars. But we have to look ahead … We need infrastructure,” Bodea said.

According to the latest statistics presented at the Eurelectric summit last month, there will be 40 million green cars across the Union in 2030. Today, there are 1,500 ecological cars in Romania, while there are 1.5 million in the Union. “Between 2017 and 2018, the number of electric vehicles in Romania increased by 200%. In contrast, there are 2.5 million in China … But we found an explosion of mopeds and electric trotters in major cities. They will change the city’s landscape in the near future, ” Bodea said at a conference.

In the horizon of 2024 an electric car will cost as much as a classic one, and this supports the European Union’s 2030 targets. “The necessary infrastructure for Romania in the year 2030 will involve several hundred thousand loading points. Today, however, grid connecting costs have significantly exceeded the cost of the stations. But by 2030, I believe that Romania will have around 250,000 electric or hybrid cars,” said Sorin Elisei, senior consultant, Deloitte.

At present, over 7 million vehicles are registered in Romania. The average is 380 vehicles per thousand inhabitants, below the European one.


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