Romania could benefit faster from bilateral contracts (PPAs)


The Energy Law, now in the Chamber of Deputies, could include a provision regarding power purchasing agreements (PPAs), which would allow the development of the renewable market, told a source close to the wind industry.

“The adoption of Regulation 943 in the legislation will take place in January, and passing the new Energy law through the Parliament, mentioning the possibility of concluding long-term energy purchase contracts would open up the market for new investments,” the source told “We are preparing a material that will be submitted to the government and the parliament,” Zoltan Nagy-Bege, ANRE vice president, told

Although art. 23 of the Energy Law 123 (the old law) is not in accordance with R 943, by adopting the European regulation a green light will be given to the bilateral contracts, Bege explained, for Such contracts, banned until now after the frauding of Hidroelectrica, would allow new renewable investors to take loans from banks, by providing long-term sources of income.


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