Hidroelectrica plans to execute new projects with a value of almost 18 bln. lei


Hidroelectrica plans, for the next period, the execution of new hydropower projects with a total estimated value of 17.933 billion lei.

The investment objectives have a total installed capacity of 713.62 MW and can ensure an average annual production of 3,396.79 GWh/year, according to the investment strategy published by the company.

Regarding the completion of new hydropower projects, it is aiming, among others, at increasing the production capacity by completing the hydropower facilities under construction, for which about 1.37 billion lei are needed. The cumulative installed capacity of these objectives will reach 239.94 MW, and the estimated production for an average hydrological year is of about 758.33 GWh of additional energy input in the National Energy System, according to Agerpres.

Hidroelectrica also aims to achieve new electricity production capacities on inland rivers valued, at this moment, at about 93.7 MW installed and a project energy of 338.5 GWh/ year. In order to achieve these objectives, a volume of investments of about 2.34 billion lei and the entry into operation in the period 2026-2028 are taken into account.


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